Enrollment for the 2020-21 school year

If you are new to Denver and need to enroll in a school for the current year, or your Denver address has changed, type your new address into School Finder to locate your neighborhood school. Then, contact your school to enroll. Read more about current-year enrollment.

You may apply to an Early Childhood Education (preschool) program for 2020-21 during SchoolChoice Round 2, which is open for ECE only through April 2021. Call the Enrollment hotline at 720-423-3493 or email schoolchoice@dpsk12.org for assistance.

 • Important information for families considering home schooling

Offices open

Enrollment offices in Far Northeast and Southwest are now open.

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How SchoolChoice Works: Find, Apply, Register

Research the best school options for your student

Sign into your SchoolChoice account, or create an account. We recommend using your DPS Parent Portal username and password.* Once signed in, you can:

  • Apply for Mid-Year Entry to a school other than your neighborhood school (if you are new to Denver or your address has changed).
  • Apply to an Early Childhood Education program for 2020-21 during SchoolChoice Round 2, open for ECE only through April 2021.

*If you are new to DPS and do not have a Parent Portal account, you must first pre-enroll at any DPS school. Once you have pre-enrolled, use your student ID to create a Parent Portal account.

You can also access the SchoolChoice application by creating a SchoolChoice account using your email address.

Annual Family Update

  • If newly enrolled in a DPS school, please log into myportal.dpsk12.org to complete Annual Family Update, DPS’ online registration process.
  • Or, contact your school for additional options to complete registration, if needed.
  • Read more about Annual Family Update.
  • Access detailed instructions in English and Spanish.

SchoolChoice 101 Videos